Business services: SwIdeas operates in the twilight zone between civil society and the corporate world. Having one foot in each place allows us to transfer knowledge between organisations, and encourage innovation and new, effective ways of organizing people.

We believe in entrepreneurship and are passionate about every person’s desire to realize their brave ideas. We offer trainings that prepare aspiring entrepreneurs for some of the challenges start-ups often face, and offer services that help you overcome some of your obstacles. We also offer services and trainings that help small and medium sized businesses, and start-ups, expand beyond the Swedish market. We offer international market research, help in building a customer base abroad and developing an international network. You know your business – we perform due diligence and knowledge on how to handle the world’s dynamics.

We offer:

  • Start-up packages for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • International trade and marketing for Swedish businesses
  • Single services – contact us with your request!

Our unit for business services provides professional expertise in the following fields:




Non-Financial Reporting

SwIdeas incorporates the United Nations Global Impact Principles for sustainable business in all aspects of our business operations as well as encouraging and supporting our partner organizations and clients to do so. We can provide technical assistance to support companies and organizations to align their business operations with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and contribute to creating a more responsible world. Whatever the size of the business, we believe that we all can contribute to this goal. Hand in hand we can provide solutions to all the global challenges and contribute effectively to the Sustainable Development Goals.




Trade and Marketing Performance

Our mandate is to find opportunities to the Swedish products and services globally. SwIdeas offers services to enhance the profitability to the Swedish small or newly started business entities. We offer international market research, dealers finding, agent institutions, and linking business leaders together. We have competitive advantage in simplifying international trade for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and help entrepreneurial start-ups to step into the trade of exporting specifically in the MEA region in an effective way.

You know the business … we perform due diligence excellence and know the world’s dynamics




Entrepreneurial development services

We are looking for the entrepreneurial start-ups and small business which are ready to go to the next level. Our business runway is focused on helping entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses in Sweden and abroad.

We will give a hand to the start-ups and small business with the following:

  • Resource inventory assessment.
  • Value Chain Mapping.
  • Sourcing the products internationally.
  • Landing offshores trade/exporting deals.
  • Paving the way towards sustainability.

We are not interested in taking over your business. We want to help you to take your business to the next level.




Project management and development; “Making things happen”

We provide project management advisory services that lead to results. We understand the importance of execution; and that delivering your project on time, on budget, and with superior quality are the factors that will determine the success of your business and separate you from your competition.

SwIdeas is implementing coherent project management methodology developed by our expertise and enhanced by highly qualified affiliated consultants. Our methodology is composed of interrelated set and bundles of processes combined by default and standardized documentation deliverables that are applied to SwIdeas projects.

SwIdeas methodology considers the life cycle of projects starting from the pre-contracting including the implementation and coaching to maintain the focus up till the ending phase of the project finalization processes.